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What or better yet, Who is Leado?

Leado is the first ever lead-generation software that connects brands with real-time targeted audiences.

Based on Smart-Automation and Campaign Optimization, Leado uses proprietary algorithms to provide valuable leads that are most likely to convert.

Leado crafts campaigns from scratch or uses your branded creatives to run online lead-generation campaigns on multiple channels, such as FaceBook, Instagram, GoogleAds, Taboola, YouTube and much more.

Leado delivers performance at scale, all based on your allocated budget and preferences.

Leado caters to every industry and supports your customer acquisition methods with measurable results.
Leado enables seamless integration to your Sales Team CRM or any Email to instantly inject leads and receive on-time notifications with every incoming lead.

Leado is extremely easy to use and requires no previous knowledge or digital campaign management proficiency.

Leado Origins

Over 10 years of digital excellency!

Leado was developed by a team of digital marketing experts with over 10 years of
hands-on lead generation and online advertising experience.

Over the years our goal has always been to create effective branding campaigns
that boost product exposure, generate quality leads and inevitably increase sales.
We’ve helped brands & companies stand out from all the media clutter using
precise strategies paired with big creative ideas.

Set out to streamline the lead generation process, while maintaining quality,
we have invested our know-how into developing technology that would provide
our customers precise results with minimum effort and maximum ease of use.

Who is Leado for?

If you are looking to generate quality live leads for your product, service or client, Leado is the software for you.

Leado saves valuable time and money by providing you with a user-friendly interface which makes launching campaigns and generating leads not more than a 3 minutes task.

Leado literally does everything for you, from crafting creatives to setting up your campaigns and strategically promoting them across relevant ad channels, such as
Facebook, Instagram, native ads, Google display and more.

Leado serves business owners of all sizes, from one-man-show up to savy advertisers with “in-house” lead generation departments.

The point is to provide you with real-time targeted leads that fit to your budget!